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Redfang Royal

Redfang Royal

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  • Cursing
  • A medical/lab setting & needle use
  • Characters with a history of physical abuse
  • Character with compulsive behaviors
  • Character that struggles with physical scarring
  • Attempts at non-consensual mate bonding (in the past, not the MLs)
  • Consensual adult sexual content
  • Content related to birth control, pregnancy, and infertility



  • Ebook, novel, standalone


  • Whychoose/Reverse Harem (heroine has multiple love interests)
  • MF, MM, sword-crossing, MFM, MMF, MMFMM
  • Oral, anal, DP, and toy play
  • Omegaverse, knotting, heat, slick
  • Biting, blood, mating
  • Vague mafia/organized crime (“mafia flavored”)
  • Mistaken identities
  • Childhood friends to lovers
  • Gender bender
  • Slow-burn
  • Pining
  • Pack Darling character cameos
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The pack darling series, Book THREE


I'm trying to be a good girl.

Every day, I lie and pretend I'm not a threat. I swallow insults and avoid the electric fence, crossing fingers I can fake my way to freedom before I snap and end up permanently caged.

Borrowing my sister's identity is my last chance at escape.

But Serafina Redfang isn't just a cartel heiress. She's the reason I can never mate the pack of my childhood dreams.

Su Jin, Bishop, Dutch, and Reese already belong to her.

Now I have to pretend to be theirs. To smile, hide my scars, and let them close before I let them go forever.

I'm not really Redfang royalty.

I might not even be a real omega.

But if the guys keep bulldozing my lies, you're about to meet the real me.

I'm Marisol Redfang, and I'm done hiding my claws.

* the pack darling series *