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Pack Darling COMPLETE Duology Ebook

Pack Darling COMPLETE Duology Ebook

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  • Cursing
  • Bullying/neglect
  • Trauma
  • Characters with a history of physical and sexual abuse
  • Themes related to suicide and self-harm
  • Consensual adult sexual content



  • Ebook
  • Completed duology
  • Includes extra scene and extended ending


  • Whychoose/Reverse Harem (multiple love interests)
  • MF, MM, sword-crossing, MFM, MMFMMM
  • Omegaverse, knotting, heat
  • Biting, bonding, blood
  • Reluctant omega, two omegas in the pack, male omega
  • Rejected mates, unwanted mates
  • Angst
  • Slow-burn
  • Mistakes were made
  • Alphaholes
  • Groveling
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The pack darling series, ebook duology

The EBOOK omnibus edition of the Pack Darling Duology includes:

  • Pack Darling Part One
  • Finn’s extra scene (otherwise, only available as newsletter download)
  • Pack Darling Part Two
  • The 12-chapter spicy extended ending

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