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Pack Darling Extended Ending

Pack Darling Extended Ending

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  • Cursing
  • Characters with history of physical and sexual abuse
  • Mentions of pregnancy, birth control



  • Ebook, novella


  • High heat
  • Whychoose/Reverse Harem (multiple love interests)
  • MM, sword-crossing, MF, MFM, MMFMMM
  • Omegaverse, knotting, heat, nesting
  • Reluctant omega, two omegas in the pack, male omega
  • Biting and blood
  • Alphaholes
  • Rejected mates, unwanted mates
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The pack darling series, Part 2.5


No more plot, only steam 🔥

The extended ending follows immediately after the ending of Pack Darling Part Two, but I wrote it long enough afterward that I added some re-cap for us both. It’s twelve extra chapters of heat scene, so if you’re not 18 or you’re not into spice, you’re going to want to set down the book and ooze away real slow.

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