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Where is my ebook?

Immediately after checkout, you should receive two emails:

1. An order confirmation from Lola Rock

2. An email from BookFunnel (help@bookfunnel.com) with the subject line - Here's "Book Title" by Lola Rock.

If you don’t find BookFunnel’s email in your inbox within a few minutes, please try the following:

1. Check your spam/junk mail.

2. Check any other filtered mail (for example, the Promotions tab in Gmail) - or search all email for BookFunnel.

3. Confirm that help@bookfunnel.com is not on your blocked sender list (you may want to add the address to your whitelist).

4. Double-check that the email you used at checkout is correct.

If you still can’t find the email, please message shop@thelolarock.com, and we’ll help figure out what went wrong.

The most common reason a book isn't received is that an incorrect email address was typed in or auto-completed.

How do I download my ebook?

After completing a purchase, you’ll receive an order confirmation from Lola Rock, and an email from BookFunnel - the BookFunnel email contains your download link.

The subject line will be “Here’s [Book Title] by Lola Rock”

Open the email and click the BookFunnel link to download:


You’ll be sent to the download page. Click “Get My Book” - also note the “Need Help?” link at the top right.

Choose where you’d like to read or send the book.

If you save it to your BookFunnel library, it will be sent to the BookFunnel app.

Click “Need Help” if you need additional help sending the files to Kindle (video tutorial here!). You can also reply to your BookFunnel email.

The team will make sure you’re able to download your book!


How do I use a promo code?

Add your books to your cart and proceed through the checkout. Enter your contact information, then enter your code in the "Discount code" field and hit Apply. Confirm that the discount is active.

If it is a free code, you will not be asked to enter payment information.

There are two common reasons an active code isn't working:

1. You are physically in or using a VPN that makes Shopify think you're not physically in your home country. Please adjust your VPN and try again.

2. There's a problem with your browser. Typically, this is an extension or ad blocker that conflicts with Shopify. Try ordering using a different browser or switching to incognito mode.

If troubleshooting doesn't solve the problem, please message shop@thelolarock.com for assistance.

How can I get my paperback personalized?

For ease of order fulfillment, all paperbacks now require you to choose personalization or no personalization.

If you'd like to specify what name a book should be addressed to, or provide additional notes or requests for Lola, please do so in the "Order Special Instructions" field that appears in your cart.

If this field is collapsed, click the arrow to open.

Why do I have to enter my contact information?

It makes the book delivery process easier for everyone!

We no longer have to hunt down phone numbers for physical orders, and it helps deter pirates from downloading files.

Please see our shop policies if you’re concerned about the use of your personal information. Lola Rock or thelolarock.com will never share, sell, or use your information for any purpose other than product delivery.